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February 4th, 2021

"What is it like inside an England Camp?"

This is a common question, and something that we are sure many would like to know the answer to. With a couple of men's netball players invited to attend five days of the recent Legends Series camp, we thought it would be nice to provide some insight into the answer... 

"It was very clear from the word 'Go' that the times we are living in were going to have a huge impact on this incredible experience. Prior to attending camp, we had to undergo multiple PCR Covid-19 tests, as well as a week's isolation. We had to have specialist Covid-safe transport to the hotel, and on arrival we were tested a final time before we could enter the Roses bubble."

"The bubble however is not as you might imagine. The Covid rules and restrictions are strictly adhered to at all times when not physically on court. We were all confined to individual rooms at all times, barring once a day when we could stretch our legs and walk across the playing fields with another member of the squad - at a social distance. Three times a day we had a three-course meal delivered to each athlete's room (got to fuel the fire!), which were decked out with exercise bikes too. Outside of trainings, Zoom calls and WhatsApp groups were used to organise and discuss topics, as well as for evening entertainment like quizzes as well as hearing from guest speakers (Gareth Southgate/Oti Mabuse), and impromptu birthday parties with terrible zoom-call singing!"

"For training, all players wore masks at all times until you physically step out on court. The coaching staff wore masks at all times, unless they were in their own rooms. There are often multiple training and weight sessions per day, with activation at the start of any session being a highlight, with lots of fun as the coaches and players come up with different innovative games to get everyone moving and start their sporting brains ticking. Then, it's on to the technical training, learning the structures and applying them over and over again in differing scenarios, so that they become second nature. Finally comes the match play, which happened twice while we were in the camp, and the intensity was as high as any professional game. It was an absolute joy to play amongst players of this quality, and pretty awe-inspiring at times to see them work their craft up-close."

"The overriding themes of camp that we observed were professionalism/being respectful, and everyone having a voice. We loved every minute of our five days, and feel so privileged to have been invited, especially with all the extra effort that the England Netball staff had to go through to get us there due to Covid restrictions. It was also very clear that the players also felt this privilege in being able to play their sport when so many cannot at the moment."

"While in camp, we were treated as equals, the same as any other player. We were coached, seen by the physio, had our stats taken on our gameplay - you name it, it was available to us. For this acceptance and inclusivity, and for the opportunity to take part, we will always be incredibly grateful."



February 2nd, 2021

Since the Vitality Superleague training associates scheme was launched in November, four Knights players have had the fantastic experience of attending at least two sessions per week with the London Pulse Vitality Superleague franchise.

In the run up to the Vitality  Superleague opening day on the 12th February (we are all very excited!), these Knights players have upped their commitment levels, rearranging their working lives not only to attend the evening sessions, but also multiple day sessions with the squad.

"The opportunity to be a part of this franchise's preparation, and witnessing the professionalism and sacrifice required of all involved from the inside (rather than just as opposition) has been awesome to behold," said one of the Knights training associates. He goes on to say how the work ethic, thought process and intense discussion these Pulse players, coaches & staff have towards their goals gives us all a really good indication and understanding of where men's netball needs to go in the coming years.

The relationship between Pulse and Knights, during a time where men's netball is at an on-court standstill, has been brilliant in allowing at least a small part of the Knights club to continue to learn and progress. Pulse have made it clear they feel the Knights players have certainly added benefit to their sessions too, which is great to hear.

We very much hope that initiatives like this one will be used more often in future, throughout all levels of the sport. Why not invite some sporty male participants down to your club's sessions and see what cross-code benefits you might gain from players of other sports..?!



February 3rd, 2021

Since our last newsletter, we have seen the fantastic showcase of high-profile men's teams face international ladies teams out in New Zealand, by way of the Cadbury Series with NZ Men taking on the Silver Ferns, a NZ A team and the NZ Under 21s. This was a spectacular event, with some electrifying netball being played by all - highly recommend a watch! We are grateful, and inspired by, the collaboration of NZ Men's & Mixed Association, and the Silver Ferns for making the event happen. Watch this space (and our EMMNA social media pages) for updates on our progress over here in England - there's lots going on behind the scenes which is pointing us in a promising direction!

Now taking a look at grassroots - it's been excellent for us to build some momentum with equal netball opportunities in schools over the winter months. A special shout out goes to Newton Prep for their mixed netball super league, and Seaford College who had some boys join their netball training for the first time ever! If you are a teacher, coach or player, please don't underestimate the difference your voice can make. Get in touch with us if you want some guidance about where to start to open up netball for all, wherever you are. Together we must forge pathways for male & mixed netballers, within existing schools, clubs and universities.

Finally - one for the history books! A huge congratulations goes to Northan Titans men's team on being invited into the Yorkshire women's netball league! They will be the first men's netball team ever in the UK to play in a women's league (when lockdowns lift and play resumes). We can't wait to hear how they get on! Not only talented with a netball, Northern Titans also seem to have a way with snowballs.... the headline image for this update goes to their 2021 EMMNA snowman, "Snow Harten".....



January 30th, 2021

Looking after your wellbeing is tough at the best of times... even more so during an unprecedented and looooong lockdown!


There is no denying that everyone is feeling the strain when it comes to navigating our current situation, but for some top tips and tricks on how to stay resilient, present and on top of your wellbeing, check out the following tips:

1. Stay Connected

It's so easy to drop off the radar during a time when we are encouraged to meet less. As team sports-folk, we naturally love getting together, sharing common goals and working as a unit. Although we are unable to do this physically, we an still continue to stay connected virtually.

If you feel you need to, don't be afraid to talk about your feelings with others... but even if you're feeling pretty good, reach out and stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. They may need you and there is nothing better than a natter. Technology is the way forward, and we - as team players - love adapting to new conditions.

2. Planning/Schedule Activities

Organise your week, schedule in pleasurable activities that you can look forward to (runs, HIIT classes, calls with friends, long walks, reading books, baking etc.). Putting in a designated time to do this will work wonders for your sense of achievement.

3. Competition

We know you love to get competitive, so create a challenge to maintain that sporting spark. How many KMs can you walk/run/cycle in a month as a collective group of friends, or as an individual against friends, or even in teams between friends? Creating winners, losers, chipping in with motivational chats and encouragement to get things done on a daily basis helps satisfy that competitive urge. Can you and your teammates walk the equivalent of Manchester to Perth in 8 weeks?! 

4. Prioritise

Work, kids, exercise, news overload... it's ALL going on. Make sure you prioritise and organise your time. Doing so will help make sure you are smashing your daily tasks and responsibilities, but also ensure that you are making time to relax and engage in the activities you love and enjoy, that provide you with a sense of meaning.

5. Sleep

Make sure you keep to a good sleeping pattern. Seven-nine hours per night is the ideal, and who doesn't love a cheeky 45-minute nap (if it's needed and possible)!? Keeping your body rested and fresh will do the same for your mind. Fact.

Lastly, if you notice yourself struggling - reach out to your GP or a mental health charity for support.

If you need any other assistance, please reach out to



August 19th, 2020

Hi, I’m Em Harvey and I am the Memberships Secretary for EMMNA. I am thrilled to be part of this exciting organisation in helping to grow the sport that we all know and love!


Some updates from me - if you have signed up for your EMMNA membership last year, last month or even last week then great news - your membership is being extended to 31 August 2021! This means that there will be even more opportunities to use your membership for the upcoming season, just in time to get back to netball in line with the Government's approved timeline.


There are a number of things going on behind the scenes with regards to your membership. We are currently in the process of putting together a membership package that gives more bang for your buck, and more information will be communicated once we have put this together. We are also looking at how the membership sign-up and payment system can work better for you, including how we use the information you provide us with to make your communications more bespoke.


If you have any feedback or ideas that we gladly welcome them, please email



June 29th, 2020

Get your own training top, make a stance and help us raise money for important charities!
These tops are available to order for £30 + £2.99 postage. All profits will be donated between NHS Charities Together, Stonewall and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

You can select AFL or Netball (Netball in unisex sizes S - 5XL, and features the Giants Netball and England Men's & Mixed Netball Association logos).
Please complete the form and make your payment to secure your order (and most importantly, first come first served on the number on the back! *Netball can choose between 0-99)
Deadline 1st July.


June 26th, 2020

This week we chat with Ryan Allan, president of England Men's & Mixed Netball Association about all things men's and mixed netball as well as his excitement for the future and how he started London Giants. We cover technology in sport and the latest from the ANZ. We also talk 2 point super shots!!


25 June 2020


Lockdown has given the Titans chance to put together a one stop shop for all things Titans! News, schedule and all our contact details are there, and we hope you enjoy!  

Check it out:


24 June 2020

Knights are looking to create a small, committed coaching team for its K2 and K3 squads for the coming 2020-2021 season. 

"These squads are a great representation of Knights and our ethos, and include some very talented players. We are looking to build on last season, which saw the creation and hugely positive beginnings of K3 as well as exponential progression of K2."

Full post:

If you would like to get involved, please send an expression of interest and brief netball history/CV to before July 18th.


19 June, 2020

We are very much looking forward to returning to court soon, and have been busy getting our brand new logo ready for you while in lockdown! Today we launch our new, ultra smart logo which you will see across all social media, as well as on our kits and merchandise in future. We hope you love it as much as we do, and look forward to wearing it back on court soon!


June 11, 2020

England Men's & Mixed Netball Association Ryan Allan on the news that London Giants Netball launch and what it means for Mixed netball here in the UK


22nd April, 2020

In a time where we are starved of sport, you now have the chance to watch Knights v Titans from the comfort of your own home! 

Tune in on Saturday at 20:00 to watch footage from the first exhibition game where two men’s netball clubs battled it out. Knights second squad (K2) played Northern Titans in what was an epic clash, and you now get the chance to relive it all.

Link to watch is here!

We look forward to watching it 'as live' with you all.


21 March, 2020

Due to the current global situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and after considerable consultation and due diligence, the difficult decision has been made to POSTPONE the Men’s & Mixed Netball World Cup due to be held in October.

This is understandably very disappointing for all nations involved, but is the right decision to firstly ensure the health of all involved and to guarantee the success of the inaugural Men’s and Mixed World Cup. As a result, we have taken the decision to postpone the second stage of our England trials, however we will endeavour to hold these as soon as possible in line with the UK government’s recommendation.


1st March, 2020

What a day! We had a fantastic turnout for our first trial day in London, with some serious talent on display both from the men and the women in attendance. It has certainly made the selector's job tough!

The next trial date secured is in Leeds for anyone who couldn't make the London trial or is closer to the North of England, so good luck to everyone trialling on Saturday.


28th February, 2020

Leeds Rhinos Netball Club have a free taster session for boys aged 7-13 years on March 7th.

To find out more or book places for your mini netballers, please visit the Leeds Rhinos website here.

We hope you enjoy the day - spread the word!


9th February, 2020

Since the announcement of the EMMNA Board, we have a number of Committee Roles for those who would like to be involved and help work towards delivering the aims of EMMNA as outlined on the homepage. 

To register your interest or apply for a role, please submit your application here.

If you would like any additional information about any of the roles, please email and they will assist you with your query.


8th February, 2020

Three trial dates have now been announced for the Men's and Mixed Netball World Cup in October this year.

The first date will be in London on 29 Feb, with a second date for those who live in the North of England in Leeds on 7 March. Those who are successful in their first trial will be invited to an additional London trial on 28 March.

Check out the Events page for full details of the trials, and to register.

Please note: you MUST have purchased EMMNA Membership prior to attending trials.


15th January, 2020

England Men’s and Mixed Netball Association Board has been announced! 

We would like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in being involved with England Men’s and Mixed Netball Association (EMMNA). 

We are pleased to announce the EMMNA Board for 2020:

President / Chairperson: Ryan Allan
Vice President / Vice Chair: Rowena Scott-Fairclough
Secretary: Charlene Ponteen
Treasurer: Stephen Gregory, supported by Katie Gregory
Marketing and Communications: Caroline Buckland

With the Men's and Mixed Netball World Cup only 10 months away, we have a lot to do in this first year. We feel we have selected a very capable and experienced board, and one which is aligned with the association’s values and can deliver our ambitious goals.

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Competitive & Social Leagues all over the country...

Social Netball

There are plenty of clubs all over the country which offer social mixed netball. These league are a great way of meeting and making friends. There are often different standards within these leagues so you can either join as a beginner, or still get a competitive higher level game plus a pint at the end in the pub!

Blue pins

Competitive Netball

There are already a few competitive men's clubs up and down the country, and we're looking to expand the number of competitive mixed clubs too. These teams with red markers will form part of our EMMNA National League, they hold trial dates and some even play fixtures against the VNSL teams.

Red pins