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By purchasing your combined England Netball & EMMNA membership package, individuals and clubs not only gain access to these benefits but also contribute to the overall development and long term sustainability of the sport at all levels. Membership year runs: 

1st September 2023 - 31st August 2024

  1. Playing Opportunities: Access to recognised and authorised competitions: EMMNA leagues, EMMNA tournaments, workshops, masterclasses, and future regional events.

  2. Development Opportunities: Access to exclusive developmental resources, including coaching clinics, skill-building sessions, and educational materials designed to enhance players' and coaches' abilities.

  3. Insurance Coverage: Insurance coverage, including personal injury and liability insurance, provides peace of mind for players, coaches, officials, and administrators. More Info

  4. Club Marketing & Growth Support: Clubs listed on the EMMNA club finder. Exposure through the EMMNA’s marketing channels, including social media platforms, websites, and promotional materials, which helps to grow and raise the profile of men's and mixed clubs in England and individuals within the sport.

  5. Officiating: EN qualified officials for EMMNA events; access to EN Regional Officiating leads to secure umpires for EMMNA fixtures.

  6. Club Support and Guidance: Advice and support for new clubs, including assistance with setup, administration, governance, and compliance.

  7. Safeguarding: Provision of safeguarding officers and policies to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

  8. Inclusivity: Commitment to inclusivity and diversity, creating a welcoming environment for all participants regardless of background, ability, or identity.

  9. University and School Programmes: Collaboration with educational institutions to develop and promote Netball programmes, including university cups, school fixtures, and outreach initiatives.

  10. Youth Pathways: Creation of structured pathways for young players to progress from grassroots participation to elite-level competition, nurturing talent, and fostering long-term engagement with the sport.

  11. Exclusive Content: Access to members-only content, including articles, videos, and guides.

  12. Advanced Access to Tickets and Discounts: Priority access to tickets for events, as well as discounts on partner products and the England Netball store.

  13. Elite Pathway Support: EN has supported EMMNA’s elite pathway programmes (Thorns & Trailblazers), including coaching, training camps, and competition opportunities

  14. EN supporting EMMNA: EN supports EMMNA by providing access to internal functions, existing policies, and procedures. Additionally, EMMNA receives advice and guidance during its early stages of development. EN use their channels to promote EMMNA, including website, social media, newsletters and 5th Quarter magazine.

  15. Member Awards: Eligibility for Regional and National ONE Awards, celebrating the contributions of all involved in the sport, from playing, coaching, volunteering, and more.

  16. Contribution to Growth: Your membership is a direct contribution towards the growth and development of men’s and mixed netball and the costs associated with EMMNA as a not for profit volunteer run organisation.

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