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EMMNA League Rules

The EMMNA League is set to revolutionize the landscape of men's and mixed netball by providing players with a platform to showcase their skills in a competitive environment. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the sport, this league is the perfect opportunity to take your game to the next level. With a flexible fixture schedule and professional officiating, players can expect a fair and exciting season of netball.

  1. All participating players must hold an England Netball (EMMNA included) membership.

  2. All teams must organise their matches in a fair and timely manner, considering the balance of home and away matches.

  3. All arranged matches must be reported to EMMNA League Committee, as soon as reasonably able, for them to be updated onto the league site.

  4. All teams must ensure post-match data is submitted to the EMMNA League Committee within 48hrs of the match being completed - a digital link will be provided.

  5. All teams must provide a match ball at each game.

  6. All current England Thorns, Trailblazers and EMMNA Mixed players must nominate which league they intend to play in within their clubs prior to the first game of the League. No team will be allowed to use these players across both leagues. Teams violating this rule will forfeit all points for that game.

  7. All teams must abide by England Netball’s code of conduct and play in accordance with these rules.

  8. All teams must have arranged and played all of their required matches within the official league dates: May 1st - August 11th 2023. Teams not able to complete any required matches by the end of the league, will forfeit these points.

  9. All home teams will be responsible for organising INDOOR courts and EN B award umpires. Matches can also be organised equidistant with mutual responsibility. Teams can decide how costs are shared but usually the visiting team pays for one umpire.

Point Structure

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss



  • All matches require 2 x neutral (non-affiliated) B award or higher umpires

  • Umpires can be arranged via local EN umpire co-ordinate - a service provided to all EN affiliated teams


*In the absence of an independent scoring official, teams are required to keep score throughout the game.*


  • All games will adhere to EN rules and played in 4 equal quarters;

  • Mixed netball matches must abide by the additional 1 non-identifying female per third rule. With a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 on court at any time.

  • Each quarter will be 15 minutes long.

  • There will be no more than a 3-minute break after each quarter and a 5-minute break at half-time.

Match Data

For each game, we require information to mark the fixture as complete. Each Secretary is responsible for submitting this data at the end of each League match:

  • Named 12 player squad and Head Coach

  • Named starting 7

  • England Thorns, Trailblazers or Mixed selected players

  • Home Score, Away Score

  • Officiating umpire names and awards

  • Nominated player of the match

  • Location, Date, Time

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